Professional editing services for your non-fiction writing--
even if you're not primarily a writer.

You need clear, concise, and correct content for your digital presence. 

Or you want to write a non-fiction book–and maybe you’ve even started–but you’re having trouble getting your thoughts organized. 

Perhaps writing isn’t your primary focus, but you must do a good job of it in order to accomplish your main tasks.

Or maybe you’re a non-native speaker and writer of English. (And by the way, здесь говорят по-русски.) 

You’ve come to the right place! Keep reading below to learn how professional editing can help get it all done. 

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I focus on non-fiction, with these areas of emphasis–but they are by no means all-inclusive. Give me a call or drop me a line, and let’s talk about your needs.

Non-Fiction Editing

Editing isn’t just for books. Every aspect of your online presence – social media posts, blog entries, website content – can benefit from professional editing to maximize its impact. Click the Read More button to find out how to get a FREE sample edit!

Non-Native Writers

Writing in a language which you do not speak as a native presents its own special challenges. I have years of experience working with non-native writers of English and with editing texts translated from other languages. And я говорю по-русски.

Hypnosis Writing

Supporting hypnotists in their writing is my specialty! As a certified hypnotist, and with 12 years’ experience writing for a training organization, I am uniquely qualified to make your hypnosis writing stand out. 

Book Development

You’ve been meaning to write that book for years, because you know that having it out there makes you the obvious expert. But you can’t figure out how to get started–you have only piles of notes, or ideas in your head. I can help you find the way. 

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Client Reviews

Stephanie Patterson

I decided to name my business Tight Prose because it is my passion: clear, concise, elegant writing that wastes no time making its point. 

Believe it or not, I learned this skill during many years of service in the federal government. You must get your message across quickly and clearly for busy senior executives and policy makers; they don’t have time to struggle with deciphering ambiguities. 

After retiring from that world, I learned that everyone is busy these days, no matter the business. Customers are much more likely to respond to, and act upon, well-crafted messages that quickly give them the information they need.

In addition to my own freelance business, I have also been editing and writing for a hypnosis training organization for the past twelve years, everything from email newsletters to conference proposals to full-length books.  

Even if you’re not primarily a writer, let me help you make your writing the best it can be! 

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Recent books edited by Stephanie

Russian in Plain English

Russian in Plain English offers an innovative approach for complete beginners. Students quickly learn to read Cyrillic, acquire a strong basic knowledge of Russian grammar, and begin speaking the language right from the start. This book is an essential guide for all beginners, including students and independent learners.

Healing Solutions for Pet Loss: Goodbye Is Not Forever

As the subtitle promises, this book is indeed a roadmap to finding love and light again following the loss of a pet. Pet loss grief specialist Kenda Summers compassionately outlines the ups and downs of the grieving process, validates the reader's loss, and offers a gentle pathway to healing.

Please Support This Wonderful Cause!

Have you heard of Project Gutenberg? It is a library of over 60,000 e-books–all absolutely FREE! The project is dedicated to digitally memorializing the world’s great literature, with an emphasis on older works for which U.S. copyright has expired. If you enjoy their offerings, please consider a donation, or do what I’ve done–become a volunteer proofreader! The work is not difficult, and they have plenty of training resources. 

Tight Prose

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