Recent books edited by Stephanie

Healing Solutions For Pet Loss: Goodbye Is Not Forever

As the subtitle promises, this book is indeed a roadmap to finding love and light again following the loss of a pet. Pet loss grief specialist Kenda Summers compassionately outlines the ups and downs of the grieving process, validates the reader's loss, and offers a gentle pathway to healing.

Russian in Plain English

Russian in Plain English offers an innovative approach for complete beginners. Students quickly learn to read Cyrillic, acquire a strong basic knowledge of Russian grammar, and begin speaking the language right from the start. This book is an essential guide for all beginners, including students and independent learners.

Street Hypnosis

Considered by many to be the definitive work on street hypnosis, this book has earned kudos from hypnotists around the world for capturing Sean Michael Andrews' legendary easygoing style. An invaluable resource for every hypnotist, regardless of experience level or specialty.

Who, Me? How to Choose the Best Volunteers

"World's Fastest Hypnotist" Sean Michael Andrews reveals one of the key secrets of his success: choosing the right volunteers for his demonstrations.

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